Saturday, March 21, 2009

ROCKnROLL GraphiX Delay!

Okay, this is the part where I go into an apology for the site's delay in launching. It won't be long, that much I know for certain. But let me explain.

As many of you know we've been promoting the site's launch (tonight) Midnight, March 21st. Obviously that did not happen. The fault is primarily my own. Last week our computer was infected with a virus and had to be wiped, etc. As a result a great deal of loss occurred, including the entire Summer 09 issue. 158 pages, gone. For those of you who have made contributions for the Summer issue I will be sure to get in touch with you shortly. You're probably wondering why materials were not backed up on a flash drive (at least). The answer to that is two-fold. One, the materials were backed up. Two, the virus was such a detailed go getter (nasty little bugger) that it was somehow able to likewise infect the flash drive. Yeah. Be on the look out for any threats to your own computers. And if I haven't mentioned it I hate hackers. They go on my naughty list. And not the good naughty list.

Fortunately, the entire first issue itself was already in the safe haven of our site's designer, R. Douglas Ezell. And we love him for it. However, at this time our delays are now site design related. I want to assure you that Doug is doing everything in his talents to insure our site's safety and we're working together to make this site the best it can possibly be. Point is, we want it to be right and do not want to rush it for the sake of a promoted deadline. With that said, we know that in just a few short days, possibly by the end of the coming week, when the site is launched there may be a number of little tweaks here and there - but the overall design will be there.

Once again, I aplogize for this delay and I appreciate your understanding.

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