Friday, March 13, 2009

What is ROCKnROLL GraphiX?

Well, with a heavy heart, and after much consideration, I've decided to move this column out of Project Fanboy and into its own home. On the one hand I feel somewhat down by the decision to do so because I had made some good friends there. On the other hand, this is the right thing to do. Writing for Project Fanboy was a lot of fun, but the atmosphere there is family-friendly and, as we all know, Heavy Metal is an adult magazine. In other words, it just didn't fit. I wish the fanboys well and hope the best for the site.

I'm going to be having a lot coming up pretty soon, including another big exclusive with Azurek Studios and their lastest for HM. I'll be keeping you posted about the latest news for everything Heavy Metal, including the new film helmed by David Fincher and animated by Blur Studios. Until then I'd like to share with you my dream of a kick ass ezine called ROCKnROLL GraphiX, launching midnight, March 21st.

Imagine if you had one magazine that included all the material that only you cared about. It might include titles like...

Heavy Metal: lots of really cool adult comix. Now, just like HM that doesn't mean porn. It just means stuff outside the mainstream, written by adults for adults. We're very excited to be bringing you an exclusive with Azurek Studios and Stefano Cardoselli (with Rita Gorgoni) our very first issue. Wait til you see his cover art. Nothing like it!

Rolling Stone: Okay, now some of you may be too young to know this but way back in the day Rolling Stone used to be the kind of magazine that was concerned about the content it published. Nowadays all you get is so much fluff. The kind of articles RnRX will be bring you doesn't give a shit about fluff. AC/DC is back and for our launch issue we're telling you how it all happened, starting from the band's very beginning. We've also got articles on the controversy of legalizing pot, the history of The Devil and the origins of Rock n' Roll (music, that is).

Hot-Rod: First we're going to be giving you a brief look back at hot-rods and why they're so damn hot, still today. Then we're gonna take you on a fast paced, balls to the wall joyride, as we honor the grandfather of ALL muscle cars - the GTO!

Maxim and Playboy: Girls, Girls, Girls! Oh my damn! Guys (and all you ladies out there who love looking at girls), we know it's not about eye candy. Oh wait. Yes it is! But we also know it's about variety. And that's what we are dedicated to bringing you. And they're all smokin' hot.

But this is just a taste of what ROCKnROLL GraphiX is all about. I can't wait to share it with everyone and I can't wait to unveil our Official Pinup Girl of 2009 this SUMMER!

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